De Dolle Brewery - April 2021

The brewery dates back to 1835 when brewing was not a main profession but something that people did on the side. The village had only 2,000 inhabitants but there were six breweries and two distilleries! Doctor Louis Nevejan founded the brewery, and later the distillery.

During the war the entire area was destroyed. It took some time to rebuild and restore the brewery. In the 1980s, Kris Herteleer, his brother Jo, and a friend, Roméo, took over the brewery and De Dolle was born. Fun fact - the name De Dolle Brouwers comes from a...

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De Dolle Beers


Dark Beer
Alc Vol.: 9%

The Brewery's flagship beer.

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Hazy brown, amber color with a thick foamy white head.

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Fruity, red wine, vanilla, red berries.

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Full-bodied, touches of hop and malt bitter, sweet and slightly sourish.


Blonde Beer
Alc Vol.: 8%

Great thirst-quencher and second beer first brewed in 1982 from the wide success and popularity of Oerbier. 

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Lighty hazy golden, with a large foamy head.

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Sweet aroma with caramel and hops.

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Soft hoppiness, well-rounded and highly carbonated, bitter.


Triple Easter Beer
Alc Vol.: 10%

Boskeun, recipe designed in 1985, is a seasonal beer brewed specifically for Easter each year.

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Cloudy yellow-orange with a good head.

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Berries, slight liquorice, vanilla, chocolate.

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Medium carbonated with sweetness and rich aftertaste.

Dulle Teve

Triple Beer
Alc Vol.: 10%

The name is a swear name used in the region which translates to Mad Bitch, first brewed in 2000. Original English translation ‘mad bitch’ was rejected by the US FDA. Instead, it is sold as ‘triple’ 

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Light golden blonde with a lasting white head.

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Citrus and spicy.

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Perfectly balanced bitter-sweet.

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