Discover Belgian Beer - One Brewery at a Time

Belgium is renowned for its beers. Beer Family wants you to explore the rich history that Belgium has and for you to discover these delightful beers. We provide a monthly box of craft beers from unique breweries with a magazine revealing the whole story of the brewery and what makes their beers so special. 

What is Beer Family?

Each brewery has its own selection of beers, creating a remarkable "Family".

We want our subscribers to become part of a community of beer lovers all across Europe. We like to think of our community as a family.

What brings us together is the love for the divine drink we call beer, and a community of like-minded people who are looking to discover new beers every month.

Inside the box, alongside the distinctive beers, you will get a magazine to immerse yourself in the culture and story behind each brewery.

We want people not just to drink beer - we want them to know their beer! 

Behind the Scenes

Nick - Founder
Tony - CEO
Laura - Social Media
Eddie - Customer Support