The Musketeers

Stefaan Soetemans and Kristof De Roo, two passionate brewing engineers studied together at Ghent University. After completing their studies, together with two of their friends (Rikkert Maertens and Sven Suys) they wanted to find a job in a brewery. As they were four, they called themselves “the Musketeers”. The four of them had a dream to brew their own beer. They started brewing with a small 200L installation. Soon enough, the beer got so much attention and positive reviews from their friends and relatives, that some bars started asking to start selling it. 

musketeers crate black and white

Eventually, they decided to create an official company. Unfortunately, “Musketier” was already a registered trademark in the Netherlands for port wine, wine, and beer. So, keeping a cool head, the four musketeers decided to name their company The Musketeers Brewery and their beer - Troubadour. 

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The Musketeers have brewed their beer for a while now at the Proef Brewery before deciding to launch their own project to build the full-scale state-of-the-art brewery in 2015. The actual construction started in August 2018 and took a surprisingly short seven months to complete - from first pillar to first brew!


The Musketeers had a unique philosophy they wanted to tell and sell - this is why Troubadour was born. The original “Musketier” beer (what is known as Troubadour Blond today) saw the light in 2000. If you know Latin well, you will understand their slogan: ‘beer and music make the human heart happy’’. Stefaan and Kristof wanted to do today what troubadours used to do in the Middle Ages - bring joy and pleasure to people with a beer.

Troubadour Guitar

Today, The Musketeers Brewery produces a number of amazing beers, each one belonging to a special series: the Troubadour, the Belgian Legends, the Bucket List, and the Abbey. 

The Troubadour Series is the original line-up, alongside their flagship Magma beer. On top of that, there is a special edition of Troubadour Magma every single year. A little detail gets changed to make it that little bit more special than it already is. Beware, it always comes in big bottles! 

If you are lucky, you may still try to find Magma X - special beer brewed in Irish whiskey barrels for the 10th birthday of the Troubadour Magma - only 10,000 numbered bottles were produced.

Troubadour Series Beers

The Belgian Legends Series brings a typical legend of Ghent and Antwerp to life! Is it true? Is it fake? Is that why legends exist? At this moment, this Series includes two beers: Jack’s Precious IPA and Antigoon Courageous WIPA.

Jacks IPA Pulled-Chicken Burger

The Bucket List Series was an innovative initiative taken a year before the official opening of the new brewery. The main idea was to make a new beer every four months. More interesting are the names of the beers which were taken from the Internet off actual people’s bucket lists. Once the beers are sold out, they are not coming back. 

Antigoon Legend

The latest addition to the collection is the Abbey Series. The Musketeers took over the former Abbey beer related to Klein-Sinaai, just a stone’s throw away from the brewery. As it stands today, the beers have been completely reinvented and given a new life with a unique design and recipe. The Boudelo Abbey disappeared in the 19th century, just like the beer, but the stories about it still make people talk. That is exactly what The Musketeers Brewery aims at: talking beer.

Boudelo Abbey Beers